Mom To Be Seeds Mix Spiced with Jaggery (All Trimester)

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Maa Mitahara – Chia seeds | Musk melon seeds | Pumpkin seeds | Sunflower seeds | Watermelon seeds | Almonds | Jaggery | Black Pepper | Black salt.








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These are a mix of dry fruits, nuts and seeds that one can munch while on or off the trail. It is an extremely healthy option as you get the necessary nutrients from dry fruits, nuts and seeds which you otherwise might miss.

This come together to form a perfect combination of sweet and sour mix for your mid-meal munching. They together help fight arthritis, improve vision and maintain your body post strenuous exercise. These teamed with a variety of nuts and seeds create a powerful punch of necessary vitamins that help you in a plenty of ways including but not limited to boosting of immunity, strengthening of bones and improving metabolism.

We call it the ultimate healthy snack as every 100g serving gives energy of almost 600 Kcal and over 13g protein. Since it is naturally sweet, you need not worry of any extra sugar that you would be risking. It has a low fat count with zero transfat increasing its health quotient and improving its position as the healthier snack.

These mindful bites can be consumed while you’re on the track or are simply home craving something scrumptious.

One should not delay in making health decisions and we stand by you in this decision of yours and hence we ensure it reaches you within 3-4 working days after your order has been placed.

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Mom To Be Seeds Mix Spiced with Jaggery (All Trimester)
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