Postnatal Saunth Jaapa Laddu

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Maa Mitahara – Home-Made Post-Delivery Saunth Laddu with Jaggery | Fight Anemia & Boost Hemoglobin | Gudiya Shakkar Ayurvedic Herb Dry Fruit | Saunth Laddu for Womens

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Saunth Laddu (dry ginger) is meant for postpartum in women, they’re nutritional, healthy, and recover fast. It is consumed after the delivery or after the child is born. The laddus are very healthy and provide a great amount of energy and these are especially recommended for new moms. Saunth Jaapa laddu helps in relieving the pain, producing more milk, and strengthening the bones. It also helps in producing and regulating hemoglobin in the body.

These laddus are very beneficial in promoting energy, stamina in a female’s body. And also fight many diseases because Maa Mitahara offers the best ingredients full of nutrients and minerals to make these laddus. The dry fruits, spices, and all the ingredients we use are safe and of high quality. The laddus can be used for making different types of desserts like puddings, sweets, etc. Saunth laddu benefits are endless for maintaining a healthy and energetic body.

Saunth Jaapa Laddu Benefits?:


  • Saunth laddu consists of anti-inflammatory properties that help in curing and reducing the common cold or flu. And also gives energy and boosts the mood.
  • It has abilities to boost immunity, in pregnancy and in diseases immunity becomes lower but saunth laddu will help you in regaining your immunity.
  • Saunth contains antibacterial properties that help in fighting digestion problems and kills any infection or bacteria in the stomachs.
  • The laddus also provides relief from gas and acidity problems. These laddus have been consumed for centuries to treat digestive problems.
  • Chest pain is a serious issue these days, saunth (dry ginger powder) helps in curing the chest pain. If you have a little pain then it can be cured by the laddus.
  • They are great for increasing metabolism and help in keeping you lean and avoiding weight gain. Saunth? laddu is a healthy way to stay fit and healthy.
  • It also helps in detoxifying the body. And make it clean from the inside.
  • The regular consumption of saunth laddu helped people in curing vata problems as well.

How To Consume Saunth Laddu (Dry Ginger Powder Laddu)

There are many ways saunth laddu can be consumed. At any time of the day, it can be consumed with any meal. Most people love to eat them with lunch, dinner, or as an evening snack but we recommend eating them at breakfast with a glass of warm milk or warm water just to swallow easily and digest fast. Water helps in fading its taste and aroma because not all people like it.

This compliments every dish and meal very well. This helps in keeping the body warm and the body temperature. So it is best to consume one laddu in a day. One should be enough for its results and benefits. We don’t suggest more than one laddu in a day. These are very safe after consuming them; a person can go for workouts and diet plans too.

Saunth laddu is Loaded with nutrients

Saunth laddu has many nutrients and good things in just one ingredient. It offers nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, selenium, copper, vitamin c, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, lipid acid, etc. These all are very good and healthy for our body, especially for women who have recently given birth to a child.

The nutrients can help in recovering fast and effectively with more energy and immunity booster. Consuming them in winters offers more benefits because it will be warm and hot. The laddus will also benefit the baby if eaten while pregnant, the growth and reproduction of the baby will be healthy.

Perfect for reducing the risk of diseases

  • It will help in reducing cough too.
  • The laddus will digest the food properly and provide relief from stomach pain and indigestion.
  • This will cure gas and acidity problems.
  • This will increase hunger and metabolism.
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Postnatal Saunth Jaapa Laddu
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