Mom To Be Coffee and Almond Laddu (2nd & 3rd Trimester)

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Benefits of coffee and almond Laddu:

  • Almonds provide folic acid, an integral requirement for the brain and for the neurological development of the foetus.
  • Almonds are a good source of dietary fat and carbs.
    They also help in reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood sugar.
  • This prevents babies from metabolic disorders later in life, usually in the case of high-risk pregnancies such as obesity and diabetes in the mother-to-be.
  • Almonds help decrease the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and help increase the appetite-reducing hormone, leptin.
  • This helps you maintain a healthy weight. It will also help you with reducing weight post-pregnancy.

Almonds, or Badam, comprise essential fats, proteins, and important vitamins that are required for the healthy growth of the baby in each trimester. If the right amount is added to everyday meals, a healthy pregnancy is sure to follow.  It’s nutritional value, and some of the best ways to consume almonds while pregnant.

The truth is almonds are completely safe to consume during pregnancy. Rumors and myths that eating nuts during pregnancy can cause nut allergies in babies lack a scientific basis. The only reason to avoid them is when you are allergic to them. If you are allergic to almonds or nuts in general, please consult a doctor before adding them to your diet. But if you were not allergic to them before pregnancy, chances are you will not be allergic even during pregnancy.

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Mom To Be Coffee and Almond Laddu (2nd & 3rd Trimester)
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