Maamitahara Newborn Baby Hosiery Cotton Mittens (0-2 Months)The mittens are made from 100% hosiery cotton and thus breathable and ideal for daily wear.

πŸ’š NEWBORN BABY MITTENS – Suitable for both baby boys and girls. Plain and with bows available.

πŸ’š DESIGNED WITH LOVE – Designed by mamas with the utmost care, keeping your little one’s comfort on the mind.

πŸ’š 100% COTTON – Made of extremely soft, breathable, non-allergic, high-quality, hosiery cotton fabric and free from harmful dyes.

πŸ’š NO ABRASIVE MATERIALS – The booties are devoid of any zippers, uncomfortable clothing labels and velcro.

πŸ’š MATERIAL – Breathable Hosiery Fabric, COLOUR – White, SIZE 0-3M – 9 * 6 cm

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