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Our Basic 7 item pack which includes all the necessary products for your 30-day postnatal care.

The products will provide you with all the necessary nutrients.

Eating  laddu after childbirth is common in India. New moms are told to eat different types of laddu after delivery and for good reasons whether C-section or normal delivery. These laddus provide a mother with the necessary nutrients she needs after delivering the baby. They provide the required energy to the mother and also aid recovery after birthing the child. The nutrients are also passed down to the baby through breastfeeding. Therefore, a portion of this nutritional snack should be included in the postnatal diet. Maa Mitahara takes care of daily dose of nourishment after the birth of child. Maa Mitahara provides you all essential food items that are required to regain your strength and we also provide consultation regarding post delivery issues. All items are prepared in pure Cow Desi ghee Procured from our trusted resources.

 Our Top Ingredients

  • Supari Laddu
  • Jaapa Laddu
  • Halida/Ajwain
  • Badam kaa Halwa
  • Sauted fox nuts
  • Daliya
  • Papad
Weight 4000 kg
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