Healthy Delights Flaxseeds Laddu

Maa Mitahara – Flax Seeds Laddu | Delicious Healthy Energy Laddoo | Sugar Free | Extremely Beneficial in Joint Pain | 100% Natural | Vegan | Gluten-Free | No added Sugar

Flaxseeds laddu and Alsi ke Laddu is a great snack or dessert for health-conscious people. Maa Mitahara uses the best quality and fresh ingredients to make these laddus. It is very safe to consume during diet plans and goes well with every meal. Alsi is the Hindi name for flaxseeds. Nowadays alsi (flaxseeds) is known as a superfood and popular food among healthy people.

The flaxseeds are very rich in omega 3, fatty acids, and dietary fiber. And also these are loaded with various minerals and a great source of magnesium. It can provide magnesium to the body in high amounts. These laddus are a great option to provide all the nutrients and minerals a body needs.

Alsi Ke Laddu Benefits:

  • Alsi and flaxseed is a medicinal seed that provides good digestive support and helps to fight constipation.
  • Flax seeds have estrogenic benefits and qualities that help nursing mothers to produce more milk to feed their babies.
  • Flax seeds and alsi provide oil that has healthy fats that is a healthy option for breast milk.
  • When eaten during pregnancy it helps in promoting a child’s brain and its development.
  • It is a rich source of lignans which helps in reducing cancer risks and it is beneficial for cancer patients.
  • It helps in weight loss and keeps you lean because it is nutritional food that keeps you full and helps in overeating and eating junk.
  • Alsi Ke Laddu is high in soluble and insoluble fiber. And we all need fiber in our bodies and diets to prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive system.
  • Flaxseeds are gluten-free and best suitable for people who are gluten intolerant.
  • Regular consumption of flax seeds helps in reducing inflammation. It also cures inflammatory diseases like obesity, arthritis, etc. It is beneficial for kidney patients too.
  • Flax Seeds contain magnesium and phosphorus in great amounts which promotes healthy and strong bones.
  • It also helps in controlling and maintaining blood pressure. It does not contain sodium so it is suitable for people with high blood pressure.
  • Alsi ke laddu helps women with their menstrual cycle and promotes regularity in menstrual cycles.

How To Consume Alsi Ke Laddu (Flax Seeds Laddu)

There are many ways alsi ke laddu can be consumed. They can be eaten in the form of breakfast for some people. Consuming them on an empty stomach gives better results and energy throughout the day. Eating on an empty stomach can keep you full to avoid overeating, especially junk all day. It has a little sweetness and sugar properties so they can be eaten as a dessert too after dinner.

So it will help relax the body and brain cells for a night of better sleep. The quantity depends on the person’s health and diet. One or two laddus can be consumed per day or at a time but not more than two laddus in a day. It can be consumed in any weather but it is most beneficial in the winter season.

Alsi ke laddu is loaded with nutrients

These laddus offer endless nutrients and minerals. Alsi ke laddu contains very few calories, and is also highly rich in copper and thiamine. It contains vitamin B which helps in energy metabolism and cell function. Flax Seeds make the immune system and health stronger and provide iron metabolism.

Perfect For Lower Cholesterol

  • Flax Seeds help people with cholesterol levels. Consuming 30 grams of flaxseeds and alsi ke laddu per day can help with peripheral artery disease in people.
  • These laddus are highly nutritious and improve cholesterol.
  • For cholesterol patients and to clearance of cholesterol it should be consumed with more water for better results.
  • The flaxseed fiber removes cholesterol before it can be absorbed by the intestine.
  • Alsi seeds contain Lignans which are known for their estrogenic and antioxidant properties. The lignan content of flaxseeds has cholesterol-lowering properties.
  • Flaxseeds are easier for the body to digest.

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