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Maa Mitahara – Fresh Badam Laddu | Dry Fruits with Jaggery Gudiya Shakkar Pure Cow Ghee | Vegan and Gluten Free Laddoo | Tasty and Fresh Badam Ladoo

Badam laddu is a sweet and healthy snack and a popular Indian dessert that is being prepared and served in winters mostly, with small celebrations and family get-togethers. It?s a simple recipe but nutritional that requires just a few basic ingredients, it is filled with dry fruits and badam mixed with flour, etc. Maa Mitahara badam Laddu contains small amounts of sugar and sweetness that’s why it is healthy to eat.

The name badam is a Hindi name that means almonds in English, and this dessert is made with almonds, flour, and sugar. The dessert is traditionally served cold but is also popularly served with sweetened condensed milk, many people like to eat it that way. You can eat them with anything, any meal or at any time like in breakfast, lunch or as a dessert at dinner time. They will compliment every meal, even if you are on diet then you can have them too with diet meals.

Badam Laddu Price


  • 500 Gram – Rs. 683
  • 1 Kg – Rs. 945
  • 2 KG – Rs. 1890
  • 3 kg – Rs. 2700
  • 4 kg – Rs. 3780

Badam laddu ingredients and texture

A delicious traditional dessert made from sugar, almonds, flour, etc. Laddus are a healthy way to satisfy your sweet cravings and desserts. The texture is crispy on the outside but it’s soft while chewing. Badam adds a nice crunch to laddu so you will enjoy eating them. Chewing and swallowing them is easy, they are not too hard in consistency and texture. Even kids, adults, and old-aged people can eat them effortlessly.

Its chewy nature and a subtle hint of sugar make it a great dessert option for those following a low-sugar diet or looking to reduce their sugar intake. It is also a natural blood sugar regulator and controls blood pressure, which is why it is recommended after dieting. In addition to being a delicious dessert, laddu is also a great source of energy, nutrition, protein, vitamins, and iron. It is meant to provide energy to people and help them to fight the common flu and cold in winters.

Fights flu and other diseases

People can consume these laddus in any weather as they provide energy, but eating in winters gives you more benefits and fights with flu too. People who can’t sleep at night and have sleep-related issues these laddus will solve them for you. So you can have a relaxed and peaceful sleep at night after consuming them for dinner. Badam or Almond is one of the most popular nuts because they are rich in protein and fiber.

Almonds are a popular ingredient in Indian recipes and especially in desserts. It is used to make sweet dishes and desserts like halwa, barfi, badam shake, ladoos, and many more. Badam is a good source of vitamin B and calcium so it is very beneficial for health and is used in many popular recipes and desserts.

Benefits of badam laddu :

  • Badam laddu is very rich in protein, a good source of antioxidants, low in cholesterol, and high in vitamin E.
  • Consuming these ladoos can have control over your eating which will help in controlling your daily calorie intake, so it will automatically lead to weight loss.
  • People on diet can have these too. By maintaining a healthy body and diet.
  • These can go with any meal as they are made of almonds, sugar, and almond flour.
  • Safe for diabetic people because we use a very little amount of sweet in making these laddus.
  • It will give energy so your body can fight the flu and cold.
  • It is safe for pregnant women too as it will provide the energy and all the needed proteins or nutrients.
  • Badam laddu is a healthy snack or dessert to munch on to avoid overeating and junk food.
  • People who can’t sleep at night can also consume them for better sleep.
  • If eating these laddus in the right manner and quantity then it will also strengthen bones, gums, teeth, etc.

Filled with proteins and fiber

Badam is known for its distinct, delicate flavor and countless benefits for the body, skin, and hair. It provides numerous health benefits and energy to the body. It is also a great source of calcium, potassium, vitamin A and fiber. Unfortunately, many people do not know about the health benefits of badam or the numerous ways it can be eaten. Ordering these laddus is also very simple as we provide them at the best and most affordable cost. So everyone can afford them for a healthier and better living.


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