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New born baby products with price: Did you know your baby can hear you from your womb? From 23 weeks on, your baby can hear you. You should talk, read to your baby when you reach this stage. A woman feels strong and yet vulnerable when going through the pregnancy stage and when you finally bring your newborn into this world you feel blessed. Taking care of babies needs a lot of patience and if it’s your first baby, you don’t know much about taking care of babies.

How do you take care of a newborn baby?

Breastfeeding – If you want to breastfeed your baby start as soon as possible right from the hospital itself. If you squeeze yellow colostrum which is packed with immune-boosting nutrients and you must feed that to your baby.
Dress your baby correctly – Dressing your baby in cute outfits is overwhelming right? But you should dress your baby in a way that baby should be able to regulate the body temperature.
Stall the visitors – Your friends and family will want to visit you, but you should keep them away for a little bit of time. So that you, your partner, and your newborn can spend some time alone.
Baby clothes – Categorize your baby’s clothes according to the months such as three months, six months, and so on, and buy the clothes accordingly. Also, make sure you have clothes of one size up because babies grow quickly. Make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable
Basic clothing you need is :
Sleepers – you can get baby pajamas that are appropriate for sleeping and playing.
Leggings and stretchy pants – The elastic waistband fits easily over their diapers and belly.
Hats – You should have hats according to the weather. You need a hat for summers to protect your baby from the sun and a hat that can cover your baby’s ear from cold air in winter.
Socks and booties – Keep this accessory on an inexpensive side because you need to change this more often than you think.
This was some basic clothing you should include in your baby’s closet. You can get a variety of clothes for your newborn babies like nappies, hosiery caps, booties, mittens, onies, laced jhablas, from where you can get items for your baby at an affordable price. Do check out their website for more details.
Diapering – Your baby will need 10-12 diapers per day in the initial stage. So get your stack of diapers accordingly.

The newborn products listed below are essential for your new baby

Baby wipes – Get wipes that are unscented and made of either cotton or rayon fibers. This type of wipe can cause fewer irritations to your baby.
Diaper rash cream – You should keep good rash cream on hand to prevent rashes or handle rash when they occur.

  • Baby blanket – Rs. 525
  • Baby Mats – Rs 200
  • Back open jhabalas – rs. 137
  • Back Open with Lace Jhablas – rs. 158
  • Booties – rs. 118
  • Front Open Jhablas – rs. 158
  • Hosiery Cap – rs. 105
  • Mittens – rs. 118
  • Nappies/ Langoth (pack of 6) – rs. 515
  • Onies – rs. 531
  • Side Open jhablas – Rs 142
  • Swaddke Warp – Rs. 236

Baby gear products for new born baby

Baby carrier – You can wear your baby in a baby carrier, wrap carrier, baby sling that will keep your baby close to you and keep your hands free to do something else.
Stroller – If you wanna take your baby out then strollers can be a good option. A double stroller or a jogging stroller is good for long walks with your baby.
Travel system – An infant car seat and a car seat base are essential parts of your car when you have a newborn baby.

Sleeping products for new babies

Crib and crib mattress – Soon your baby will outgrow the bassinet and you will need to get a new crib. So get a crib ahead of time and keep it ready with a good mattress.
Blankets – Normal blankets and wearable blankets are also available. If you think a normal blanket is risky for your baby, you can get a wearable blanket. Some of them are designed especially for swaddling.
Baby monitors – Baby monitors are designed to check your baby while they are sleeping or if you are in another room or you are away from home. Most of the baby monitors use mobile phones as a viewing unit or you can buy a separate parent unit.

Breastfeeding products for newbies

Breast pump – You can use the breast pump to pump out your breast milk to feed it to your baby. You can also get an electric breast pump that will allow you to pump from both your breasts.
Nipple cream – Nipple cream can be used to treat sore nipples.

Bottle-feeding supplies for new born baby

Formula – If you are not breastfeeding, you will need an infant formula.
Bottles – You will need bottles to feed your baby. You will need different sizes of bottles as your baby grows.

Some tips – In the initial stages sleep close to your baby it will regulate the baby’s heart rate and improve their immune system. Develop your sleep routine for your baby it will help your baby to get used to the routine.

These were some tips for taking care of your babies if you are a new parent. For taking care of your baby you need some newborn baby products. You may want to consider the list of products mentioned above that will make your day-to-day life with your newborn easy.
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