Ayurvedic diet during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in any woman’s life. Though there are ups and downs still, a pregnant woman cherishes every second of this incredible journey. However, with COVID-19 lurking from behind the curtains from the past one and half year, the challenges pregnant women can face has increased manifolds.

The pandemic may not affect their health directly. But it does play with mental health, which in turn, can be fatal to the mother and the fetus. For instance, if a pregnant woman contracts a COVID-19 infection, her chances of admission to ICU in the US alone increase by 62% than a non-pregnant woman. 

Pregnancy is not a guarantee that you will get COVID. However, if your pregnancy is high-risk or complicated, it is vital to take extra care and ayurvedic diet of yourself and the baby. In this blog, we will try to explore the risk a fetus and the mother has due to COVID and the solution for the same.

Risk to pregnant women during the pandemic

First, just because you are pregnant means you are more vulnerable to the coronavirus is a myth. The chances of you getting sick are similar to any other person. However, that doesn’t mean that the novel coronavirus doesn’t pose any risk to pregnant women.

  • COVID-positive pregnant women have a high chance of developing respiratory complications leading to Intensive care.
  • The chances of C-section and premature baby in COVID-infected pregnant females is high.
  • Developing stress, anxiety, or depression due to the stress of being pregnant is a pandemic.
  • The risk of vertical transmission (from mother to baby) is low.
  • Few cases of domestic violence in pregnant women due to COVID have come into the limelight.

Source: CDC

Due to the changing nature of this disease, the implication of pregnant women is still under study. However, the new strain of the virus is negatively impacting several pregnant women in India. Therefore, social distancing and precautions are the best treatment for women about to give birth.

Is a pregnant woman more susceptible to COVID-19?

If you have a healthy pregnancy, as we mentioned above, you have the same chances of contracting the virus as any other healthy person. However, if you suffer from obesity or have diabetes or hypertension, there is a high chance of getting seriously ill if you contract the SARS_COVID_19 virus.

Solutions for a pregnant woman to fight COVID

A pregnant woman should follow these rules to ensure the safety of their unborn baby and themselves:

  • Maintaining a distance of at least six feet from anyone showing flu-like symptoms
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing every inch of the house
  • Focus on self-care by eating the right food. Consult with your doctor about your diet. Also, check out the guidelines that Maa mitahara offers about nutrients, food, and other solutions for pregnant women.
  • Ensure you stay home as much as possible to avoid contact with anyone. It can be challenging, but it is the best thing for you.
  • Work on your mental health by reading positive books and sharing deep conversations with your partner.
  • Mask up before you hit the streets for any appointments.
  • Do not forget to sleep well. If you are having trouble sleeping, take help.
  • Sanitize your hands thoroughly with water, soup, or sanitizer before touching anything.

Lastly, if you develop flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor and get tested for early treatment.

Effect of COVID-19 on the fetus

If a pregnant woman comes in contact with an infected person, they are at risk of developing abnormalities in the placenta. That will impact the delivery of nutrients & oxygen to the fetus.

The virus is yet to record any miscarriages or early pregnancy loss in women.

There is no journey more beautiful and exciting than pregnancy. The pandemic has undoubtedly increased challenges and fear amongst would-be mothers. However, staying positive, eating good food, keeping yourself happy is the best way to ensure the safe health of you and your baby.

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